At Modum our commitment to excellence has been recognised by our peers. Since our inception, our impressive portfolio of successful projects have been considered as worthy by the Master Builders of Australia Excellence in Housing Awards. We are very proud of our achievements and we have enjoyed significant success by receiving the Master Builders of Australia Excellence in Housing Awards in 1994, 1995, two awards in 1996, 1997, 2002, 2004 and two awards in 2005.

"Modum Pty.Ltd. has shown that fine craftsmanship and attention to detail are still a major part of today's home building industry"

- John Fransen, Master Builders Association President.

"The Modum Pty. Ltd. entry is a top floor addition delivering all of the client's expectations. It embodies excellent workmanship with close attention to detail down to the replicated federation floor tiles in the top floor bathroom...the conversion was one of excellence at an affordable price"

- Master Builders Association Judging Panel.